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Virtual Corporation

EVA Virtual Corporation was established by its two Co-founders on the 5th of July 2019. From the very beginning, we strive to engage and provide our pilots with an exceptional yet professional Virtual Airline experience. We are led by a team of strong and devoted staff members who work tirelessly to keep pushing the limits. We offer a variety of exotic destinations in addition to our list of diverse and complex routes integrating an ultra-modern fleet. 

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One of the most important values we uphold is growth. We continue to push towards being a better VA, one step at a time. Every change to our operations ensures that we are just a little closer to being the best. 

Here at EVC, we strive ourselves upon professionalism. In saying this we also provide a caring and educational environment for pilots who don't quite have their wings yet. Or whom they just want to expand their aeronautical knowledge. 


As much as we reach for the skies and continue to develop, there will always be room for improvement. This includes our pilots as well as ourselves. Your feedback is precious to us as we further look into areas to improve. We endeavor to keep up with technological advancements being made within the Virtual Airline, to provide a second-to-none pilot experience. 

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EVA Virtual Corporation was birthed by its two founders in early July of 2019. They both built this VA in hopes of creating a professional and profound community for all pilots to communicate & interact with each other. Their goal was to create a place for professional pilots who wanted to try something new. To experience the heart of Asia reaching throughout the rest of the world. 


A Message from the CEO:

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I'm TaipeiGuru, the CEO and Co-founder of EVC. I'm a huge fan of aviation, and I'm so excited about what's coming in the future. I first started playing Infinite Flight towards the end of 2018, and am now a certified IFATC as well as a Regular on the forums. My job here at EVA Virtual involves making executive decisions with the board, communicating with the IFVARB and ensuring that the overall quality of the VA is as good as it can get. Feel free to drop a me a PM if you have any questions or concerns. I can't wait to start working and flying with you all!

Our Flight Management team is key to a successful Virtual Airline. They maintain our route database, accept future pilots, manage PIREPS, oversee events and ensure everything is running smoothly. 

We offer a wide range of destinations for you to fly all around the world, incorporating a mix of modern and retired aircraft ranging from the MD90 to the mighty Boeing 747. We feature exciting events and an endless amount of codeshares and routes to explore.  



Become a pilot for one of Asia's largest Virtual Airlines. Rise to the challenge.